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About the Utah Wilderness Coalition

The coalition's long-term goal is to protect all Bureau of Land Management (BLM) wilderness-quality lands in Utah as wilderness.

Primary leadership within the coalition is provided by Executive Committee organizations, currently including Sierra Club, Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance, the Wastach Mountain Club, and The Wilderness Society. The coalition also serves a grassroots-organizing role when activities transcend the work of an individual member organization.

For over a decade, the UWC has promoted the Citizen's Proposal which would protect over 9 million acres of public land in Utah by placing them in the Wilderness Preservation System. This Citizen's Proposal was developed in response to a flawed BLM wilderness inventory that resulted in an inadequate BLM wilderness recommendation of land to be protected. The UWC is the vehicle through which ordinary citizens as well as environmental groups are able to organize themselves to re-asses the BLM's proposal.

While the wilderness lands of Utah represent a unique national treasure, it is a treasure that is under attack. The Coalition leadership sees its primary role as informing the environmental community of the nature of these attacks while offering an alternative vision to the people of the nation from that offered by the opponents of wilderness.

The two greatest challenges for the Coalition are first, the intensity and variety of the attacks which frequently stretch us beyond our limited resources and second, the fact that the Coalition leadership is mostly comprised of individuals whose primary loyalty must reside with the organizations they represent. Nevertheless, the Coalition has emerged as a mechanism whereby the interests of individual environmental organizations can be melded into a cooperative and collaborative effort.

We genuinely believe no stronger model exists within the environmental community than the Coalition's effort to provide a collaborative consensus building forum.

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